Meet Niki

2017_headshotWelcome to my page. My name is Niki Richardson. Born and raised in India, I moved to the US in search of my version of the American dream in 1994. I worked three jobs and put myself through college and did a short stint on Wall Street where I quickly realized the world of high finance wasn’t for me. I then moved to California to pursue an MBA from Pepperdine University after which I found myself working as a fundraiser. $90,000 in student loan debt and I started with a $40,000 a year job! My husband still doesn’t let me live that one down!

In 2008 I found Network Marketing, or rather it found me! In doing my research with my particular company. I did my due diligence and applied the 4P test! I found that the 4Ps checked out!

People: I loved the culture of this company! I love how we build each other up. Not something I had found in the world of high finance in New York.

Planet: This company has mission, vision and values that align with mine. Our green commitment exceeds my expectations and it continues to impress me every single day.

Products: If I am going to put my brand on something, then it has to be excellent. And these products are just that! I am a product of the products, using upward of 40 daily consumable products in my household.

Profits: Yes! The compensation plan was generous and in all the research I had done and other companies I had evaluated none came close. SOLD!

As much as I loved all aspects of network marketing, I found that I didn’t love the house party and recruit everyone within 3 feet of you way of building it. I didn’t want to be THAT person. Even so, I built a sound residual income based on recurring purchases from a very robust client and consumer base. I wanted more! I wanted to harness the power of the Internet and really rock my network marketing business! Millions of people connect via Facebook and other social media platforms daily – I wanted to learn how to leverage and truly create residual and leveraged income. And then I discovered Elite Marketing Pro. Using this very simple formula I have been able to go from a hunter to a gatherer! Now they come to me instead of the other way around! And I couldn’t be happier. If you’re interested in a no obligation way to discover if this would work for you – I encourage you to check out this no cost 10 day boot camp which truly opened my eyes as to what I could do to skyrocket my network marketing business.

Here’s to your success!