Thanksgiving Thoughts

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, my absolute favorite holiday bar none. This is the perfect time to reflect with gratitude upon the day that area manager Julie –my sponsor and friend introduced me to the opportunity that is Arbonne.

A couple of days ago I had the good fortune of listening to ENVP Donna Weiser talk about this opportunity and it just reinforced for me what I already knew, and that is that this business is for me, and I know that the only thing that will stand in the way of my success is me if I don’t try.

My goal is simply to stay in activity and build momentum, the titles are simply icing on the cake!

So thank you Julie for sharing this wonderful opprtunity with me!

Here’s to building a successful, meaningful business built on the foundation of gratitude, generosity and giving back!

Here’s wishing you and yours a very Happy Turkey Day!

Gobble Gobble

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