The power of belief

Recently I relistened to an Arbonne learn and burn where Brian Biro talked about raising people’s energy level when you spoke to them– making a commitment to create impact in peoples lives. Today because I truly believed I can — I did. I spoke to a friend whom I haven’t connected with in ages. I had tried to contact her throughout most of lady year and we unsuccessfully played phone tag, today was the day I was meant to talk to her– she had major neurological surgery recently and another follow up surgery just two weeks ago. By the end of our conversation I had managed to lift her sagging spirits and infuse life into her and I cannot begin to tell you how euphoric that is. The thing is, I wasn’t ‘trying’ to make her feel good, it occurred naturally. This came on the heels of a very good training session with my professional coach Donna Weiser (The Wiser Way) on a call where she talked about the power of belief, about the strength of affirmations– and this evening I am living proof that if you believe that you can, then you can.

The thing is, I had loved the concept of raising peoples energy levels but didn’t quite know how to accomplish that. Today I know that an unwavering powerful belief in yourself is all that it takes, that belief brings answers and solutions and makes the impossible possible. It all comes from within. You hold the key that unlocks the door to your personal, professional and spiritual wellbeing. Go ahead, open the door! I dare you!

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