Mommy n me weekend

We had the best weekend this past weekend…with papa gone on a fishing trip with the boys – it was just the two of us gals! We ran a 5K in the morning – with Sitara finishing 1 second ahead of me sitting in the baby jogger! My time was logged as 30:09 – not too shabby for being the first race we’ve run since June last year. We’re doing the Channel Islands 5K on July 4th – should be lovely along the harbor.

Anyway after the 5K we hung about for a while, enjoying the morning – we got interviewed by the videographer for the greek festival too! That should be interesting. He said I could get a copy of the video. Later that afternoon we made our way back to the festival and met with a friend and her daughter for a few hours of fun! Sitara was mesmerized by the greek dancers and sat and watched them for nearly an hour! And mind you – she’s 2 so that’s quite a feat! She asked for (and got) a sugarladen butter cookie followed by hummus and pita and oh of course her favorite – kalamata olives.

After a loooong nap we went to sushi with another friend – and she got to stay up an hour past her bedtime of 8pm!

The next day – that’s yesterday, we went to Costco – her (and my) favorite store, sampled juice, sausage, chocolate and smoothie, and then got home. Later in the evening we spent over an hour running in the park and playing on the slides! All in all, a fabulous fun filled weekend!

We missed papa – umm, just a little! We were having too much fun!

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