What magnificent creatures– saw 2 dancing on the waves as I drove home along the coast! They bring a smile to my lips and lift my soul. These days I’m flying pretty high as it is, so am particularly blessed right now. Just felt the urge to share.

One thought on “Dolphins

  1. Don’t you just love that? We are so blessed to live where we do. One of the readers of my blog e-mailed me today and asked me if I ever get to surf with dolphins. I was telling her I most often see them from my car while driving on the freeway! Its just too cool!
    I am hoping you are well, I have been so busy with everything, and on top of it all am taking an intensive online college Adobe Illustrator class. I still want to take you out for coffee! Next week we go to Disneyland, so it may have to be the week after, k?
    PS come visit me at my blog sometime! I’d love to hear your voice on there 🙂


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