Your kids are people too

One of the things I’ve noticed as a mom of a kindergartener is that when I go pick her up I will find parents picking up their kid(s) but they’re on the phone completely ignoring their little one walking alongside them. One mom a few days ago was so offensive that after she picked up her child (couldn’t have been more than 6 years) she started to walk back to the car completely ignoring her daughter who walked alongside her only to tell her ‘what’s wrong with you, where’s your bag?’ So the poor kid runs back to the after school classroom to get her stuff while mom keeps marching on all while announcing to whomever she was in conversation with on the phone ‘I’m leaving, whether she’s coming or not.’ Which the little girl obviously heard as evidenced by the look of terror on her face and the worry with which she juggled all her many belongings. My heart went out to her.

We would never dream of carrying on a conversation when walking with a friend or colleague – that’s plain rude– so why is it ok when you’ve left your kid at after school till nearly 6pm with an 8am start to your day?

Lately I’ve seen so many parents completely engrossed with their iDevices that their kids are being completely ignored! I see it in parka, playgrounds and even at recitals. When did Facebook take precedence over quality time with one’s family?

I’ve heard it said that you only have 18 summers with your children and from parents of teenagers I’m hearing that they don’t see much of their kids because they’re spending time cloistered in their bedrooms FaceBooking or texting with friends– so don’t set the precedent that you will come to regret!

If you wouldn’t text/tweet/post in the middle of a business meeting, why would you during time spent with your family?

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