Have Your Guides/Gurus/Teachers/Mentors Earned Your Trust?

I’m on a spiritual walkabout right now and am exploring, reading, listening, learning about different modalities as I try and determine what works for me. I learn best through mentors and therefore in all areas of my life I surround myself with people who know more than me and are further along in their journey. These are people I’ve ‘curated’ as a result of personal relationships, referrals from very close and respected friends, and lifelong friendships. These are all people who, if they said jump– I’d ask how high? I trust them implicitly and KNOW with every fiber of my being that they have my best interest at heart with no other motive but to see me succeed.

Naturally then during this walkabout I have sought guides and in my exploration have come to realize that there are 5 billon people on this planet and that many ways to be spiritual. The thing that I’m realizing is that during this particular process you’re very vulnerable, your mind is very open and therefore if you don’t take measures to protect yourself you could be allowing some very unscrupulous ‘guides’ into your consciousness.

– Remember your guides and mentors are human too– be sure they’ve earned your trust by working for it, not just because they’re more knowledgeable than you.
– If your gut instinct says something’s off about the advice they’ve given you- pay heed! Your gut has one function and one function only – to protect you! It will never steer you wrong.
– Ultimately they ‘work’ for you even if they’re not charging you anything…you have free will and the right to say ‘thank you but no thank you.’

You’ll reach the highest pinnacles of success by following the good advice of someone who cares about YOU more than their message and the lowest pit of despair if you follow the advice of someone who cares about their message more than you. Remember people don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care– great sales advice but also great advice to take personally when seeking out guides, gurus, teachers or mentors.

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