The How To Of Meditation: Stress Relief

A really easy to follow method to launch your own meditation practice!

Sentient Metaphysics

Stress relief meditation. Find a comfortable, quiet location inside or out. Be sure not have to any distractions. Turn off all electronic devices. Lie or sit depending on what personally makes you comfortable. The morning, before you start your day, is the best time for a regular meditation routine.

Stress Relief Meditation

Breathe in deeply through the nose, exhale out the mouth. Mentally count one. Repeat this process counting each time you exhale until you reach the count of seven. Repeat this step until you reach seven groups of seven equaling forty-nine. This will help you focus on your breathing and keeps the mind busy so it cannot stray. While counting,

in the background of your mind, imagine a leaf falling to the ground from an enormous tree.  By the time you reach the end of your count, the leaf will have reached the ground. This exercise will melt any…

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