Trusting the Hand you Hold


Who’s hand do you hold? And who holds yours? I’m so grateful for my soulmate and life partner – I trust him implicitly and know that in every situation- whether it’s hurtling down a mountain on a tandem at 30mph or life decisions- he has my back- he will never let my hand go! I hope he feels the same about me!

4 thoughts on “Trusting the Hand you Hold

  1. It’s called Awaken the Genie Within by Linda Salazar and yes every page of this book makes me want to share and nod my head in agreement! It’s thoughtfully written and a quick and easy read!


  2. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Might I ask which book this comes from? I am sensing a reoccurring theme in all the posts I am reading this morning. The universe is obviously trying to send me a message. Thanks for reinforcing it 😉


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