Interesting how we get signs from the #U

Interesting how we get signs from the #Universe. I had bought a glucose monitor two weeks ago to test my kitty who was diagnosed over a month ago with Type II Diabetes. As someone who teaches humans about nutrition, I knew I could help her put the diabetes into remission, and stop her reliance on insulin 2x day. I had been putting off testing her, because I was nervous about poking her…so yesterday, I poked myself three different times doing random things…I slowed down and asked myself…what is the lesson I am supposed to learn?…and within minutes, the answer presented itself…’need to learn to poke my kitty to test her glucose levels at home.’ So, I called the vet and scheduled an appointment to take her in to learn how to do this and also to make sure that my glucose unit is calibrated correctly. The vet draws enough blood so that both his unit and mine can be tested with the same blood drop. Her levels are 115!!!! NORMAL!! He expects them to be really low because of the time of day, and how close to meal time it was…so in essence, he lowered her dose by 1/2 a unit…AND she’s lost 1/2 a pound too! Needless to say, he’s impressed and I’m SO VERY THRILLED! Yay Zoei! #happycatmom #healingkitty #happykitty #nutritionforcats #nutritionforhumans #yepigotthis

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