Fun in the Sun

Today was a perfect day in southern California, after a great 4.5 mile run with my half my age running partner, I got to take Sitara to the library to pick out books. We got home in time for lunch and an invite from her friend down the street to come swimming. I’ve been remiss and not taken her to the pool much but lately she’s been loving the water, so we went and all she did was paddle at the pool’s edge. The thing was that she didn’t want to wear swim diapers or a bathing suit, rather she ran around on her regular diaper and tshirt. Either way she had a great time and for the first time in ages, I got to do nothing, but sit at the pool’s edge playing with my daughter– not doing chores, not thinking of errands, just playing. Quite a novelty and definitely something I could get used to.

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