The smile that warms me

There’s absolutely nothing more engaging than the smile of your child. It can part the clouds and bring out the sun, no matter how miserable a day, her smile never fails to cheer me up.

Todays latest was her wagging her pointy finger to say ‘that’s not yours, that’s mine.’

We went to play with her friend Mackenzie in the park and this time, instead of being shy, she started playing with her right away. Infact Kelly and I were able to sit on a bench and catch up as the girls played. That was a first! There was not a lot of ‘mummy come’ for me to join her on the slides.

She’s been talking a lot — very understandable to all.

One thought on “The smile that warms me

  1. Wow, that is a warm smile. It is amazing how children grow so fast but we stay so young I’m still trying to figure that one out, oh well.

    Hi, I’m cpsenior, thought I stop by and get away from the jungle. My blog is more on the controversial side, if you visit you may not understand fully whats going on.

    I live in a small city (selma, al) of a little less than 20,000. W e had some political maneuvering about ten years ago and the exodus it started is like a leaking faucet it never seem to cease.

    I picked your blog at random no particular reason. I want bore you with any more muggy tales of doom and gloom. Stop by any time (, we can always use some positive energy, take care and happy memorial.


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