30 days to feeling fit

On February 4th I started Arbonne’s 30 day fit kit because I’ve been carrying around 10 extra pounds since my baby was born two years ago. They were stubborn and clinging to me like my baby does when he’s sick and needs mommy!

I didn’t start talking about it right away because quite frankly I wasn’t sure if I could commit to it. It was more a fear of failing my public accountability partners than anything else. And then it occurred to me that this was silly. You more than anyone else would help me stay on track and stay accountable. You wouldn’t judge me half as harshly as I judge myself and if anything you’d make the journey easier and way more fun!

So here I am- I want to bring you up to speed:

I ordered the kit which when you do the math works out to less than $10 a day for breakfast and lunch for a period of 30 days, stocked my pantry and fridge and got going. I’d already been doing smoothies for breakfast so no change there. The big question was would I be full enough on a smoothie for lunch? And the answer I found even from day 1 was YES! And that’s because I am eating every 2 hours. I’m actually NEVER hungry and because of how densely I pack my smoothie with fiber booster (spinach, kale, almond milk and butter, even raw almonds, berries, flax seed, sometimes even carrots…) I’m very satisfied!

The supporting products are great– the lemon chews are perfect for my 3 pm sugar craving and the fizz sticks give me the effervescent drink I sometimes want when water isn’t cutting it. (Drinking 8-9 glasses of H20) – the detox tea is quite yummy for end of day wind down time with hubby and oh I added the Arbonne chocolate protein bars to my repertoire. These 7g stevia, 170 calorie dense not overly sweet bars really help me bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. Morning snacks are almonds or just a fizz stick and a few chews!

So here’s how it went: the first day was really hard. I wanted so badly to eat a bag of chips! I think it was my mind checking to see how committed I was…because I barely ever eat chips anyway! But once I ensured I was eating every 2-3 hours it got easier. The hardest thing for me is to not jump on a scale every day! I am doing this to kick start my healthy habits again– not to drop the weight — well who am I kidding– of course I want to drop those final 10lbs but I do want to get back to my good eating habits and I’ve always wondered what my body does in response to certain foods- so when in 30 days I reintroduce bread, pasta etc it will be interesting to see.

I will keep you posted as I progress but the biggest win so far is the fact that my stomach has nicely shrunk so that yesterday when I ‘over ate’ by eating a smallish Cobb salad at a celebration lunch (dressing drizzled and no bacon) I was stuffed for hours after.

I cannot wait to step on the scale at the end of week two. Suffice it to say that at the end of week one I had lost 4lb!

WOOT! For details on this program of for samples contact me


3 thoughts on “30 days to feeling fit

  1. Arbonne chocolate protein rules. Every time I have it, I shake it up with Vanilla Hemp beverage, and it tastes quite a bit like soft-about to melt ice cream. Yum!


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