Day 7-11: 28 day detox

I survived a full week! And as a reward, the scale said I dropped 2lb and 2% body fat. My stomach definitely is flatter– and of course this is all icing on the cake– I have 100% more energy! I’m springing up out of bed at 5:30am. My will power muscle is growing strong.
20140116-182407.jpgThat picture is of the pizza that I didn’t eat at yesterday’s school fundraiser at my favorite pizza parlor that happens to have Newcastle on tap– one of my favorite beers. I ate salad topped with boiled eggs for protein! The big twizzler jar becons me daily but I’ve broken the hold it has on me…no thank you Mr. Twizzler, no thank you amazing homemade margarita with fresh squeezed lime, no thank you Starbucks nonfat decaf latté! All temptations I’ve been able to resist.

Lunch was a vegetable filled chocolate protein smoothie 20140116-183330.jpg yes that’s broccoli, celery, radish, ginger root, spinach, almond milk and chocolate protein powder. Sounds weird? Tastes delicious! I love drinking my vegetables.

Tonight’s dinner took me by surprise in its deliciousness– so I just have to share– I did the stationary bike and braved yoga by the sea in spite of the gusting winds and was starving– couldn’t wait to eat and so forgot to take a picture. Sorry!

Ok – dinner was cauliflower alfredo!
6-8 cloves of garlic minced
2T evoo
1 medium head of cauliflower cut into florets
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup almond milk
6 cups water to cook cauliflower

Bring water to boil, add cauliflower and cook till fork tender – reserve two cups cooking liquid
Sautée garlic in evoo till barely brown
Use slotted spoon and put cauliflower and all other ingredients into blender with about 1 cup cooking liquid. Blend to a smooth consistency. Adjust by adding more liquid if needed.
Serve on brown rice pasta!

The coolest thing about this program for me is how it’s simplified my life. I don’t have to figure out what to eat for breakfast or lunch– a delicious shake that keeps me full for at least two hours– the I need to snack– when I wasn’t working out- I could go without snacks. This past weekend I was astounded at how many vegetables I bought, all organic– and combined with everything else on the conveniently provided shopping list (again, the work’s been done- I just have to follow) my grocery bill was at an all time low! Wow– organic veg, gluten free options, free range eggs, grass fed beef– and yet cheaper than in weeks past! And talk about efficient– I was in and out of Trader Joe’s in under an hour.

Yes, I’m excited– this 28 day program has set the wheels in motion for my life program, because after all it’s not about how you eat for one month is it? No, it’s all about how you’ll eat for life! I will definitely add back alcohol, on the very rare occasion I’ll allow myself the decadence of French Brie and even a nonfat deca latté– but the difference is– it will be conscious choice– MY choice– not a craving that I must fulfill. Yes, I’m taking over complete control of my mind and body. It tajes 21-30 days to firm a habit– and that is in fact what I’m doing– retraining my brain to crave healthier foods!

Until later!

Day 15: 30 days to fit! Down 4lb in 2 weeks

Today was step on the scale day! I have to admit I was a bit leery– after all these past few days have been not exactly as the program prescribes! I’ve had roti (gluten), cucumber raita (dairy), beer (alcohol), and even a small sliver of the delicious chocolate tart (sugar)– and believe me when I tell you– I usually HATE tarts! I don’t like the pudding texture– all gooey in my mouth– same reason I don’t like marshmallows!

Another 2lb down!! Down to 128lb! And I haven’t seen that number since my wedding 9 years ago so WOW I’m thrilled!

My son woke up at 4:45am– not as bad as 2:45am– but he wouldn’t go back to sleep– keeping a toddler quiet so the rest of the house can sleep for another hour or two was interesting to say the least! We did rather well.

Breakfast was my smoothie as usual, lunch was chicken with black eyed peas (yum btw– really turned out well!), dinner was left over salmon and 1/2 ear corn on cob! Snacks in the middle of the day were cherries, smoked almonds, a couple of Arbonne mango kiwi chews and a lot of water.

So here’s my observations for today- given that I’d not been diligent on the program for a couple days didn’t seem to matter too much– what was interesting to me was that I was very aware of my slips and also forgiving! I enjoyed everything I ate- didn’t guilt myself at all- not even for the beer! But I did do everything in moderation– way more moderation than I would usually consider moderation. Only a thin sliver of the pie- not a whole slice. Only a tablespoon of raita (cucumber yogurt) – not a whole bowl, only one roti- not 2 and no basmati rice!

My observation is that our idea of normal sizes has gotten so skewed because of everything being Grande/Venti/Supersized that our idea of moderation is what normal size should be– and so when I did real moderation– it truly was ‘smaller’ amounts and therefore didn’t derail me!

I did this program in March and went from 138lb to my pre baby weight of 130lb. Toward the end of June with all the graduation parties and July 3rd AND 4th BBQs I was up to 132lb the day I started this program. My drivers license says I’m 125lb– a weight I haven’t been since my wedding day 9 years ago (and that too because I ate every last bite of our scrumptious meal and cake- I only barely saw that number on the scale!).

Now the reason I’m sharing this is simply this: I feel empowered! I feel in control both emotionally, mentally and physically to do this program- one that assures me success as long as I follow it even within a modicum of diligence! I’ve made adaptations for my lifestyle! I love food too much to have so many restrictions on an ongoing basis! I want to control my food– not be controlled by it! I want to eat and drink to savor – to live- to celebrate and to love! I don’t eat to survive! I eat with all my senses– my eyes and nose even more strongly than my taste buds although those are in close third! And no way will I give up eating baguette and French Brie forever! My Belgian friends taught me a true appreciation for good Belgian ale, my husband and I developed a taste for excellent coffee and tequila together, he spoils me on BBQ that I consider world class– and apparently I can bake pretty damn well! My mother still cooks the best Indian meals on the planet! There is no way on God’s green earth that I will give up these flavors that I’ve developed memories around. I can still recall my mom’s hand feeding me my favorite ‘Dhansaak daal’ as I studied late into the night as a high schooler, I still remember where we were when Jason and I went on a tequila tasting expedition, I still have fond memories of my first few tastes of Abbey Leffe Blonde in Marseille surrounded by amazing friends, a platter of Belgian fries with mayo (not ketchup) straight out of the fryer at 3am! Baguette and Brie still reminds me of trips taken on the TGV throughout Europe 12 years ago. Nope– food isn’t just sustenance– food is memories- memories that I want to remember for a lifetime. How could I never eat those foods again?

So for me this program puts me in control- I continue to do it every now and then not because I want to disappear– honestly I’m happy with my weight and if I hadn’t lost a pound i would be fine. I’ve gotten past my identity being tied to a number on a scale way early in life. What I continue to do this for is to create habits- a lifestyle that will last forever. It takes us years of unhealthy eating to get to where we are when we are overweight and yet we expect to drop it in days/weeks/months! Nope– it will take just as long to establish a lifelong lifestyle – doing it for 30 days helps kick start it– then I fell off the wagon a few times– and knowing that I have something healthy to follow to get back to center and re-equilibriate is really awesome! It takes discipline that then flows into other areas of my life- it takes patience that I benefit from having as does my family – and it takes dedication and a never gonna quit attitude!

Finally– anyone can do anything for 30 days– and the power and control that this program gives you is liberating! You ought to try it– the only thing you have to lose is possibly inches and pounds and you have everything to gain– including energy!

Day 3: 30 days to fit

Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon. ~Doug Larson

7:30am- Arbonne vanilla protein smoothie with celery, kale, carrots, almond butter, almond milk, ginger, strawberries, blueberries, and a shot of décaf espresso.

9:30am- small snack size pink lady apple

11:30am- 1 kiwi

1:00pm- poached chicken Asian salad with sesame ginger dressing

3:30pm- trail mix of almonds, cashew and just 4-7 dried cranberries

6:30pm- yesterday’s 1/2 pork chop with maple peppercorn sauce and kale sautéed with garlic and red wine vinegar

8:00pm- Arbonne’s detox tea with one blended strawberry for sweetness.

My trick is to brush teeth right away so that I can’t eat anything more thereafter before bed! Another key is to be in bed no later than 10:30pm so that you don’t get super hungry!

I was more hungry than usual today! It’s typical though– day 3 is hump day! By Friday it should become easy! Also I’m missing my Arbonne vegan chocolate protein powder (no whey, soy, dairy or gluten) which is my absolute favorite!! It’s on back order at the moment and I feel like in having withdrawals from it! I’ve had that as my breakfast for over two years and it is DIVINE!!! I’m going to incorporate the Arbonne chocolate nutrition bars because they really work well as a 3pm snack– and tide me over well for dinner.

And oh– at least 40-50oz of water as well!! Need to keep hydrated especially as temps are rising into the 80s-100s!!

Day 2: 30 days to fit

7:30am – vanilla protein smoothie with celery, kale, carrots, kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, ginger, lime, raw hemp seeds

Decaf coffee with 1/2 tsp turbinado sugar and a splash of soy creamer

10:30am- 3 Arbonne mango pineapple chews

12:30pm- ahi tuna salad with wasabi vinaigrette dressing

3:45pm- 1 Arbonne mango pineapple chew

6:45pm- 1/2 pork chop (bought from whole foods for assured quality) served with maple black pepper sauce and a side of sautéed kale with garlic and a splash of red wine vinegar

8:30pm– Arbonne detox tea brewed hot but poured over ice to cool then blended with 1 strawberry, chunk of ginger root and ice cubes for a yummy detox tea slushy!

Lifestyle DIVA testimonial

Client Profile:
55 year old Male, 229lb, 40″ waist, on Niacin to lower tryglicerides
Meat n potatoes kinda guy
Started Weight Watchers last year and lost 20lb all year and then plateaued.
Arbonne 30 day fit program start date: 2/25/13

4/25/2013 Update (8 weeks)
Off Niacin, 214lb – 38″ waist, 100% increase in energy, increased consciousness and heightened awareness about different foods and how they impact him! Enhanced sense of taste!

Dec 2012

May 20, 2013

The underside of 130 and why I swear by Arbonne!


So we all know we aren’t supposed to step on the scale daily and yet we do…including yours truly! And there are others of us who don’t own a scale because of how scary it might be to step on it. So much is tied up in the identity of this number, be it in pounds or kilos! I for one have been trying to get to the underside of 130 for the longest time! The last time I saw a 2 in the 10s position of my weight was at my wedding over 8 years ago! (yep, I trained hard to fit into that dress!). And almost every day of this 30 day challenge – the one where I am now at nearly the end (yep, that margarita has my name on it!) I have been tempted to step on the scale. I didn’t manage to do it only the requisite once per week – rather I tried to wean myself slowly and stepped on just every other day instead of daily – and then every third day, and finally now it’s been more than a week since I last stepped on the scale. 

What’s most interesting is not the fact that I own two scales, nor is it interesting that I chose to weigh myself on both scales each time, rather the fact that each of them would tell me a different number. Naturally I favored the one where I was lighter by 2lbs always! And naturally I favored the one which showed me consistently dropping weight instead of the one where I would fluctuate the normal 5lb difference on a regular basis. (Yes your body weight can have that margin of error by at least 5lb on a daily basis – so don’t freak out if one day you’re 130 – and the next 135. What’s more important is where are you consistently…week after week. 

So I’ve posted a few links to this amazing program, and I thought I would spend a little more time talking about the different products that make up the program…and why today? Well for the first time since my wedding day I saw a 2 in the 10s position of my weight! Yep – I dropped below 130 – not by a whole pound – but how excited do you think I was to see 129.8? VERY!

Remember, I am not a doctor  – this is just my personal, incredibly exciting experience with these awesome products! And yes, I do have some pretty darn happy clients!

  • Arbonne Chocolate Protein Powder: I have loved this protein powder for the past 4 years. It has been my breakfast for the better part of 2 years now. 20g of vegan protein with no soy, whey, gluten or dairy, less than 10g of sugar (stevia) it packs a powerful punch and is a great way to start the day. I’ve blogged before about my favorite recipe…unsweetened almond milk, almond butter, organic baby spinach, flaxseed meal, frozen berries all in a blender or magic bullet (I have the one by Bella Cucina) and it is absolutely delicious! Add a scoop of the Daily Fiber Booster and you’re getting 1/2 your recommended daily allowance of fiber! 
  • Herbal Detox Tea – Because I’m Indian, I’m a snob about tea. For me, herbal tea is something I am forced to drink when I am sick…’real’ tea is made with milk, sugar, spices like cardamom, cloves and even ginger…but since I’m doing this program, caffeine is a no no – therefore my beloved loose leaf Tetley is off-limits at the moment. Luckily this one has a really yummy flavor even without sugar. The added benefit is milk thistle which helps support your liver function and ‘unclogs’ your pipes!
  • Lemon Fit Chews – I could eat the whole bag (not recommended…defeats the purpose of the detox). These taffy-like chews are awesome for staving off mid morning hunger pangs (mainly due to lack of H20 intake). They keep my energy levels high and balanced and really take my mind of food. I’m convinced that because you need to chew them well – your mouth is so done moving after you swallow!
  • Chocolate Protein Bar – mmmmm! with just under 7g of sugar, this is not sugary sweet, but so nutrient-dense that it is the perfect 3pm snack between lunch and dinner. It not only fills me up, but because it’s chocolate it takes care of my desire to have a piece of chocolate! Killing two birds with one stone! NICE!! Drink 8oz of water along with this yummy dessert-like bar and you’re FULL till dinner!
  • Pomegranate Energy Fizz Sticks – these yummy little powder packs are great to flavor water if you don’t like the taste of water; they have antioxidants and B vitamins, making them a great source of energy! The small amount of natural caffeine makes it so I am performing with high energy without worrying about the 3pm caffeine crash. I have clients who swear by these! And, they’re YUM! 
  • Hybrid Supplements – we have them for men too – you guys! But these have transformed my opinion about supplements. Like most people, I shopped at GNC or even Costco for my supplements and always wondered if I was just creating expensive urine! Until I started on these I never really believed that vitamins did anything. I am a mom of two young ‘uns, a wife, a fundraiser, an entrepreneur,  an athlete, friend, daughter, sister, now blogger…ah yes add regular 5:30am meditator to that list…on top of which I just had a milestone birthday – yep – the big 4-O (more on that later)! But believe me when I tell you I have boundless energy and have managed to reduce my hours of sleep from 8 to 7 with no change in my levels of energy. The cool thing about these is that they come in pre-made packets and the 5 pills cover me for probiotic, bone health, calcium and multi-vitamin/multi-mineral! So all I do is add vegan Omega-3 pills and yes, an extra calcium supplement with vitamin D and I am good to go! And in fact, what I do so that I am not overdoing the supplements (and yes you can do that) I alternate the pills. On one day, its the power pack, the next its omega and calcium! It works wonders! I’m almost afraid of how much more energy I will have if I took them all daily!

So March 4th will mark the last day of this program for me, but the best thing that it did for me is reset my metabolic thermostat, make me aware of the way my body responds to certain foods ( I will be more aware of this as I reintroduce those foods one by one next week and beyond), and realize that I have total control of my body’s nutritional intake. I recognized that I would have to consume over 5,000 calories a day to get the nutrient values that my body needs to perform at its optimum best – and well…I wouldn’t be seeing the underside of 130…ever, if I did that. So I’m grateful to have found products that are made with pure botanicals enhanced by science and scrutinized by health and wellness professionals before hitting the marketplace and my household. 

Healthy living is a choice that most of us find hard to make…it doesn’t have to be. It in fact can make your life a lot simpler. I’m living proof of that! Ping me if you want details.

30 days to feeling fit

On February 4th I started Arbonne’s 30 day fit kit because I’ve been carrying around 10 extra pounds since my baby was born two years ago. They were stubborn and clinging to me like my baby does when he’s sick and needs mommy!

I didn’t start talking about it right away because quite frankly I wasn’t sure if I could commit to it. It was more a fear of failing my public accountability partners than anything else. And then it occurred to me that this was silly. You more than anyone else would help me stay on track and stay accountable. You wouldn’t judge me half as harshly as I judge myself and if anything you’d make the journey easier and way more fun!

So here I am- I want to bring you up to speed:

I ordered the kit which when you do the math works out to less than $10 a day for breakfast and lunch for a period of 30 days, stocked my pantry and fridge and got going. I’d already been doing smoothies for breakfast so no change there. The big question was would I be full enough on a smoothie for lunch? And the answer I found even from day 1 was YES! And that’s because I am eating every 2 hours. I’m actually NEVER hungry and because of how densely I pack my smoothie with fiber booster (spinach, kale, almond milk and butter, even raw almonds, berries, flax seed, sometimes even carrots…) I’m very satisfied!

The supporting products are great– the lemon chews are perfect for my 3 pm sugar craving and the fizz sticks give me the effervescent drink I sometimes want when water isn’t cutting it. (Drinking 8-9 glasses of H20) – the detox tea is quite yummy for end of day wind down time with hubby and oh I added the Arbonne chocolate protein bars to my repertoire. These 7g stevia, 170 calorie dense not overly sweet bars really help me bridge the gap between lunch and dinner. Morning snacks are almonds or just a fizz stick and a few chews!

So here’s how it went: the first day was really hard. I wanted so badly to eat a bag of chips! I think it was my mind checking to see how committed I was…because I barely ever eat chips anyway! But once I ensured I was eating every 2-3 hours it got easier. The hardest thing for me is to not jump on a scale every day! I am doing this to kick start my healthy habits again– not to drop the weight — well who am I kidding– of course I want to drop those final 10lbs but I do want to get back to my good eating habits and I’ve always wondered what my body does in response to certain foods- so when in 30 days I reintroduce bread, pasta etc it will be interesting to see.

I will keep you posted as I progress but the biggest win so far is the fact that my stomach has nicely shrunk so that yesterday when I ‘over ate’ by eating a smallish Cobb salad at a celebration lunch (dressing drizzled and no bacon) I was stuffed for hours after.

I cannot wait to step on the scale at the end of week two. Suffice it to say that at the end of week one I had lost 4lb!

WOOT! For details on this program of for samples contact me