Warm Desert Winds, A Full Moon and Orion’s Belt

My family and I are in Palm Desert. We arrived this afternoon – welcomed by 100 degree heat (surprisingly not as unbearable as you would think– but then we didn’t linger in the sun).

After putting the kids to bed, I started to have a real coughing attack– I think the strong air conditioning was causing that. I’ve been sick for a bit — low immunity because I’m not doing good self-care lately (but that’s a post for a different day!). My husband recommended I sit out on the balcony to get out of the AC. It’s overlooking the golf course– off to the right in the light of a gorgeous full moon I can see a glistening little pond. The desert wind is strong right now, but with 85 degree weather, the ‘breeze’ is lovely. All I can hear is the loud rustling of the tall trees around me. I see Orion’s Belt . My sailor dad taught me a few constellations when I was little and whenever I see them in the night sky, till this day- I can visualize myself on one of his ships. I can see the ship’s white wake, cutting through the dark black sea. The night sky would often be awash with the brilliance of countless stars as no city lights were around to dilute their celestial dazzle. I can still see him in his Captain’s Stripes regally In Command on the Bridge and elsewhere on board. And even though I’m glad he retired this year after nearly 50 years at sea, I do miss those days. But I digress. For the moment I’m sitting on a very comfortable chair– the mist of sprinklers from the level below reaching me because of the strong winds nearly making me …dare I say it….cold!

There’s not another single human around. I can hear crickets, sprinklers, rustling trees and gushing wind. And I realize…it has been way way way too long since I sat in nature; since I allowed myself to be soothed by the lullaby tunes of Mother Nature. So as surprising as it is to experience this in a resort surrounded by villas, pools & people, these few moments right now, when I feel like I’m the only person in the world are going to restore my depleted soul, fill my cup and prepare me for the craziest, most hectic, insanely busy, but outstandingly productive final quarter of 2013.

You may not see me much from October to December, but I will be back with a bang in 2014. However– I’m here, present now and haven’t for a long time, felt more in the moment than I’m feeling right now.

I plan to fill my cup and all my backup reserves this week. I’m going to need it as I gear up for a wild ride for Q4 2013. It’s all extraordinarily exciting and I promise to share details as they come unveiled!

Hark! I hear a voice…it’s my husband. Ah—no, I’m not the only person on the planet. But for this past half hour or so, it felt good to feel like I was.

2 thoughts on “Warm Desert Winds, A Full Moon and Orion’s Belt

  1. Thank you Dave. Yes this place as non-remote as it is– is just what the doctor ordered to replenish my depleted soul! I’ve missed being online too- but things have been so hectic that something had to give! Unfortunately it was my writing. 😦


  2. I have missed your presence here Niki, but you have sure returned with the brilliance of a star 😉 It is truly amazing how the natural world provides us with fuel for our soul. And it doesn’t always have to be in some remote location. Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories through such beautiful prose 🙂


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