Thank You doesn’t begin to cut it

This is a very special day to me. Not only does it honor the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have and continue to sacrifice their lives and their freedom so that I can have mine. They spend time away from their families, so I can be free and enjoy time with mine. It is no coincidence then that 10 years ago, my husband Jason and I bonded ourselves in marriage this day 11.11. In full transparency, at the time I was a bit clueless that it was Veterans Day – even though I had lived in the US for 11 years by then. I chose it because he proposed to me on 1.11 and I wanted to keep the number pattern.

That year, we realized the significance went beyond the number pattern. Not only was his grandfather a Veteran, but my grandfather too albeit in India where I was born and raised. Naturally we had to have two weddings – one here, in the beautiful Central Coast so that it would honor our beloved Gpap, and in Agra, India to honor my Daddy. Both of whom served in the Air Force and rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Today, I am blessed that Daddy is 99 years young; Gpap left us 3 1/2 years ago 27 days before he would have turned 90. We buried him in Arlington with Military Honors. I was privileged to be there and receive an Eagle head from one┬ácorner of his tombstone. A day doesn’t pass by that I don’t think of him, and I have never made it through any Veteran’s Day celebrations dry-eyed. This year was no different.

Gpap on our wedding day 11.11.2004

I am privileged to share my celebration on this incredible day and I don’t ever take it for granted.

From my heart to yours. Thank you for your service, for your sacrifices and for your love for our great country.

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