I’m Busy vs I’m Productive

If I may I would like to offer you something– as a result of my own personal experience/experiment this year. I refused to buy into the ‘I’m so busy’ syndrome anymore and so even though I often have multiple things going on – I removed the words I’m busy from my vocabulary and replaced them with I’m productive and what started to happen over time is that belief became my reality. I stopped spinning on the hamster wheel of life and was able to lean into a more relaxed state. I realized that the things that didn’t serve me or my family automagically started to fall away. And now even when my human nature starts to try and overdo it- things happen organically to shift that to a more productive less crazed level.

Spiritually speaking I AM is like Om- its the word of God/Universe/Higher Self (insert your own word here) so anything you follow with after those words has to become truth. It’s just the way it is. So if you affirm I am crazed then more crazed is what you’ll get.

All it took for me is a heightened awareness of not wanting to say I’m busy and my life started to shift in ways I couldn’t have orchestrated if I tried. I call it divine intervention to help me stop the self sabotage…I just had to make that first step and have the faith that things would happen in the way that was the best and highest for me and my family and it has been so.

6 thoughts on “I’m Busy vs I’m Productive

  1. Beautifully put Lani! Yes our self care is vital to is being the best version of ourselves. My newest adustment is to start my business day with an hour long meditation – (i have always meditated but not that long) i have even adjusted my schedule to accomodate this and put it in my calendar as an ‘appointment’ so i dont book anything ese at that time. Its been 3 days and i am already seeing a difference.


  2. Spot on advice! What we visualize becomes our reality 🙂
    As productive as I have been over the last few weeks, I have made it a priority to schedule self care, so I can continue being productive – If I want to invite goodness into myself, I must be sure the vessel I am asking it to enter is in good condition…..not too ‘busy’ to make finding balance a priority!
    Live Beautifully 🙂 Lani


  3. Thank you Leanne. I appreciate you stopping by to read my blog! I’m glad you find value in this. Its so true- it is a higher energy vibration and its amazing how things have shifted once I shifted my awareness.


  4. Beautiful Niki!! I have so abused that word “Busy” :)…Now Busy sounds so boring to me!! I love the shift to “Productive”…So much more uplifting and higher energy. Way to go!! Thank you xo 🙂


  5. I love this on so many levels! The word “busy” annoys me too because it seems like a status symbol word; also a word used when someone can’t be bothered with someone else as in “I’m too busy to stop and chat with a friend.”

    “Productive” is beautiful as it connects rather than rejects 🙂


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