I’m Busy vs I’m Productive

If I may I would like to offer you something– as a result of my own personal experience/experiment this year. I refused to buy into the ‘I’m so busy’ syndrome anymore and so even though I often have multiple things going on – I removed the words I’m busy from my vocabulary and replaced them with I’m productive and what started to happen over time is that belief became my reality. I stopped spinning on the hamster wheel of life and was able to lean into a more relaxed state. I realized that the things that didn’t serve me or my family automagically started to fall away. And now even when my human nature starts to try and overdo it- things happen organically to shift that to a more productive less crazed level.

Spiritually speaking I AM is like Om- its the word of God/Universe/Higher Self (insert your own word here) so anything you follow with after those words has to become truth. It’s just the way it is. So if you affirm I am crazed then more crazed is what you’ll get.

All it took for me is a heightened awareness of not wanting to say I’m busy and my life started to shift in ways I couldn’t have orchestrated if I tried. I call it divine intervention to help me stop the self sabotage…I just had to make that first step and have the faith that things would happen in the way that was the best and highest for me and my family and it has been so.

You’re not getting out of this life alive


I heard this quote today on an MJ Durkin training CD in my mobile university (a.k.a. my car) and it really stuck with me. It’s true – we only have one life, as we know it, to live, and we owe it to ourselves to live it in the best way we can.
-Do you have a bucket list?
-Are you knocking things off it?
-Or are you stuck in the perpetual hamster wheel that many of us call life? -How are you going to show up better for the rest of this year?
-What are some slight changes you can make to move toward living your dreams?

I turned 40 this year and with that I underwent serious life transformative thought processes coupled with advice from a brilliant business/life coach who made me take a serious look at myself and who I wanted to be. If you’ve never been coached- I highly advocate it! Even if you’re not sure what you’ll get out of it- as long as you have a driving desire to change your life- a good coach can be a great partner to initiate this process! As a result four months in– I have such incredible opportunities being presented to me– all while giving me ultimate control over whether I will or not accept these opportunities. That’s an amazing place to be let me just tell you!

And this is all because I refused to accept status quo! Because I believed I was supposed to do more than walk the treadmill of life one foot in front of the other. I’m supposed to jump, dance, skip, hop off and even dive off this treadmill because that’s where life truly begins! Yes it’s true–

life really does begin at the end of your comfort zone!

I invite you to step a pinkie toe into this water– you’ll find it that while it feels cold and even chilling at first- you do get used to it– and the slight discomfort is replaced by boundless joy from life-changing opportunities – all because you made the choice to venture off your beaten path!

Go ahead and do what you really love to do! Do nothing else! You have so little time. How can you think of wasting a moment doing something for a living you don’t like to do? What kind of a living is that? That is not a living, that is a dying! – Neale Donald Walsch

Change is Good! Embrace It.