Going Home

I’m going home to India in a month’s time. It’s hard for me to believe this. I haven’t been home since 2004 when we got married in Agra– the city of the Taj Mahal. It was a whirlwind trip- I didn’t get to soak in my Bombay, or I should say the Bombay I know and remember. We literally transitted through Bombay in a day! I’m going to visit my 94 year old grandfather. He had a close health call recently and the reality of not having seen much of him in nearly a decade hit me hard. I feel like my eyes were opened to the fact that I was taking his mortality for granted.

My husband gave me the ultimate gift and offered to take care of our little one for the 12 days that I’ll be gone, which means I don’t have to worry or gut myself into splitting my time watching over them (he always falls sick when we travel via air) and spending unadulterated time with daddy…which is what I call my grandfather.

So I started this writing by saying I’m going home, but home is where my heart is, which is here in this home with my husband and daughter who I miss already and I haven’t even left yet, and won’t for another month. I guess what I mean is, I’m going to India, and I’ll be home soon!

I’m so proud of you

5 little words — so powerful, such impact. My husband said this to me night before last. I’m proud of you and what you’ve done with Arbonne so far. It brought a Ray of sunshine into my slightly dark day and completely changed my mood for the better. I’d been laying in bed with my back to him and I instantly turned toward him and snuggled into him. I slept well that night.

It’s a powerful phrase. Go ahead say it to someone – and mean it! You’ll see what I mean.


What magnificent creatures– saw 2 dancing on the waves as I drove home along the coast! They bring a smile to my lips and lift my soul. These days I’m flying pretty high as it is, so am particularly blessed right now. Just felt the urge to share.

She made me cry!

I received this email from a friend I’ve known since 8th grade today. Our birthdays are 3 days apart and we’ve been best friends for as long as I can remember.

“I was recently at a funeral and the priest said – Life is short. He then talked about how this guy had influenced the lives of people in that room – friends, family, strangers. He said ” I’d like for everyone in this room to tell as many people as they can how someone has positively affected their lives. In our crazy, busy and stressful world nobody appreciates humanity any more and I’d like for you to make a list of people and go through that list. If it takes you months or years, then so be it.”
Good exercise.

You may not believe in all this but I felt strongly about it (you know, having almost lost life myself, I do see the value in appreciating life and people you care for)

So anyway… you are one of the people on my list…
You are dynamic, powerful yet sensitive and gentle, warm, loyal and strong. You have been there for me at probably my lowest point/s. I have learnt so much from you. I remember the crazy, fun times we had in our college days – from the canteen to the dosawala, to RG’s and Cellar and the maker towers terrace to the fashion show practices with the chunni’s, eating at Khyber, driving around in your little red Maruti, all the crazy stuff we did and I smile. You found me after a long disconnect after my accident. I thank you for that. You will never know how much that meant to me.
I’m sorry we lost so much time – I guess we were meant to to grow and mature into the people we are today.
You touch my life in so many ways – I thank you and cherish this friendship. You teach me so much, you inspire me, you listen, you care, you share, YOU ROCK!”

Thank you my friend- right back at you! YOU ROCK too!!

Remember – Aqua Rules!

Little win

Yesterday I was trying to convince Sitara that she needed to eat some more chicken! She wouldn’t open her mouth for anything. So I begged, pouted, coaxed, threatened not to give her ‘sparkly juice’ (1/2 OJ 1/2 soda water) but nothing worked! Her mouth was sealed shut – so instead I said, ‘please – for mommy’ and gave her the biggest smile! and instantly her mouth opened! WOW!

Mommy n me weekend

We had the best weekend this past weekend…with papa gone on a fishing trip with the boys – it was just the two of us gals! We ran a 5K in the morning – with Sitara finishing 1 second ahead of me sitting in the baby jogger! My time was logged as 30:09 – not too shabby for being the first race we’ve run since June last year. We’re doing the Channel Islands 5K on July 4th – should be lovely along the harbor.

Anyway after the 5K we hung about for a while, enjoying the morning – we got interviewed by the videographer for the greek festival too! That should be interesting. He said I could get a copy of the video. Later that afternoon we made our way back to the festival and met with a friend and her daughter for a few hours of fun! Sitara was mesmerized by the greek dancers and sat and watched them for nearly an hour! And mind you – she’s 2 so that’s quite a feat! She asked for (and got) a sugarladen butter cookie followed by hummus and pita and oh of course her favorite – kalamata olives.

After a loooong nap we went to sushi with another friend – and she got to stay up an hour past her bedtime of 8pm!

The next day – that’s yesterday, we went to Costco – her (and my) favorite store, sampled juice, sausage, chocolate and smoothie, and then got home. Later in the evening we spent over an hour running in the park and playing on the slides! All in all, a fabulous fun filled weekend!

We missed papa – umm, just a little! We were having too much fun!

Impatience and Guilt

Today probably for the very first time since her birth I was really impatient with Sitara. No, I didn’t explode or anything, but I felt frustrated and didn’t try to calm her as she had tantrum over tantrum over tantrum about everything in general and nothing in particular. Am I a bad mom? No– but I sure felt it tonight. My little girl — but she doesn’t seem like that tonight. Who is this little stubborn baby girl?

My Why

It takes a pretty powerful motivation to take what some people might consider risks. I have two really good ones. My husband and my daughter. We want to be able to give her all the opportunities that we possibly can, and want to be the ones to raise her — rather than camp counselors and teachers. Napoleon Hill says burning desire backed by faith is what it takes to get started down the path to success. What us it that our earstwhile President says — Yes we can!! Well, Yes I Can!!! I know I can do anything I put my mind to, and that failure is not an option.

Sitara was visiting our neighbor and decided to hop up and join her for a duet! Adorable isn’t she? Well ok so I’m biased. But seriously how can you resist that face? It’s for that face, that I would move heaven and earth.

The smile that warms me

There’s absolutely nothing more engaging than the smile of your child. It can part the clouds and bring out the sun, no matter how miserable a day, her smile never fails to cheer me up.

Todays latest was her wagging her pointy finger to say ‘that’s not yours, that’s mine.’

We went to play with her friend Mackenzie in the park and this time, instead of being shy, she started playing with her right away. Infact Kelly and I were able to sit on a bench and catch up as the girls played. That was a first! There was not a lot of ‘mummy come’ for me to join her on the slides.

She’s been talking a lot — very understandable to all.

Fun in the Sun

Today was a perfect day in southern California, after a great 4.5 mile run with my half my age running partner, I got to take Sitara to the library to pick out books. We got home in time for lunch and an invite from her friend down the street to come swimming. I’ve been remiss and not taken her to the pool much but lately she’s been loving the water, so we went and all she did was paddle at the pool’s edge. The thing was that she didn’t want to wear swim diapers or a bathing suit, rather she ran around on her regular diaper and tshirt. Either way she had a great time and for the first time in ages, I got to do nothing, but sit at the pool’s edge playing with my daughter– not doing chores, not thinking of errands, just playing. Quite a novelty and definitely something I could get used to.